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RE House, Lérruz. Finalist COAVNA AWARDS. 2022

RE House, Lérruz. Selected ARQUIA PRÓXIMA. 2022

Covered public square, Bakio. Selected ARQUIA PRÓXIMA. 2022

RE House, Lérruz. Selected BIGMAT AWARDS. 2021

XL. Aguinaga, Echaide, Sobrini. Awarded XV BEAU. 2021

Entremutilvas Social Housing, Pamplona. Open Competition. 1st PRICE. 2020


Regional courthouse, Puerto del Rosario. Open Competition. 3rd PRICE. 2018

S" Offices in Lezkairu, Spain. Finished work. Selected. FAD Awards. 2018


Covered public square, Municipality of Bakio. Open Competition. 1st PRICE. 2017

Government Pavilion and Auditorium, University of Málaga. Open Competition. 1st PRICE. 2017

Bank of the Time, Regina Turdulorum. Bienal Arquitectura Española. Awarded XIII BEAU. 2016

Technology business incubator in Aulesti, Spain. Open Competition. 1st PRICE. 2015

"S" Offices in Lezkairu, Spain. Restricted Competition. 1st PRICE. 2015

Fuente Santa Therms, Spain. Open Competition. FINALIST. 2015


  Nursery in Rifiano, Italy. Restricted Competition. HONORABLE MENTION. 2014

  Nursery in San Leonado, Italy. Restricted Competition. FINALIST. 2014

  Arquia Office in San Sebastian. Open Competition. FINALIST / SELECTED. 2014

 Trincheras de Zabala. BIA. Urban Regeneration Forum. International Competition. HONORABLE MENTION. 2014

  Urban Covering in Amurrio, Spain. Open Competition.3rd PRIZE. 2014

  Pedestrian bridge in Aranzadi, Spain. Open Competition. 2nd PRIZE. 2014

 There'r Mirrors in the Street, Final Degree Project. Extraordinary Final Project Award. Luis Moya Blanco Award. 2014


 Basel Visitor Center. Archmedium International Competition. FINALIST. 2013

 Tokyo Replay Center. Archmedium International Competition. FINALIST. 2013

  Rada Visitor Center. Hispalyt Student Competition. FINALIST / SELECTED. 2013


Urban Planning Valdebebas. Madrid. Architecture and Urbanism Contest. 3rd PRIZE. 2011




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